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Something Fishy is Happening Here With Bonnie & Clyde's... Could This be the Interior of Their New Store?

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[Photos via Bonnie & Clyde's Webstagram]

We recently came across a tip that something fishy was going down in Bonnie & Clyde's Hideout--their secret layer high above the Gold Coast. So we decided to check out their Facebook. What we saw when we went to their Facebook page was that on August 9 they posted that they were shooting an ad campaign to be published in CS. From there, we went searching for production images of this ad campaign, and found via the corners of Instagram, what appears to be a model dressed in Rick Owens posing in a construction site.

Why would Bonnie & Clyde's be shooting a campaign in a construction site and buying space in CS? Unless something big (deafening) was happening with the construction site in which they're shooting the campaign. CS has historically been known to feature stores with newsworthy happenings more ambitiously if the store is taking out ad space in the same issue. We're not saying anything here, but perhaps CS has a story in the works about a new location will reference the ad campaign in the construction site shown here. Fishy.
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