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Hottest Fitness Trainers Round 1: Joey vs. Victor vs. Michael

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Three weeks ago, we put out the call to cyberspace, asking for Chicago's Hottest Trainers. Our inbox was flooded with sweaty, sexy muscle. We kept flipping through the body shots, cultivating an accurate representation of fitness gurus for your viewing pleasure.

Now (as in today), it's time to start the voting. This is how we're going to do it: right now we've got men, tomorrow women, then we add more more muscle to the mix, narrowing it down, day-by-day until we come up with, and crown Chicago's Hottest Trainer.

We're beginning with three guys. First, there's Joey Thurman of Morph Personal Training [profile], Victor Perfili of FFC in the West Loop [profile] and Michael Wollpert of Flywheel [profile].
After you've revisited their profiles and feel like you've got an eyeful, you vote.
(Note: Each poll will close in 48 hours after it's published).

Poll results

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