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Vanilla Ice Talks Ninja Turtles, Boobs and Lighting Options

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Vanilla Ice in the golden days

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Over the weekend, Vanilla Ice was at North Ave Beach for "The Big Dig" beach volleyball tournament. Like most of his fans we knew him as the 90's heartthrob with sparkle pants and fantastic hair. In present day we know him as the construction wizard with his own show on the DIY Network. Lucky for you, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Ice before he took the beach by storm and was able to ask him a few questions that we feel needed to be answered.

[Photo: Francis Son]

Racked: Favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?
Vanilla Ice: Probably Donatello

R: Who Are you wearing?
Ice: My hat is my own brand, Beverly Hills Pimps and Hos (BHPH), G-Star jeans and Nikes.

R: Textured manicures are huge for 2012 and 2013. If you were to have a textured manicure, what would it be like?
Ice: It's a lot deeper than textured and manicured. Guys today- You need to groom brother. Groom it all. Down below and everywhere in-between. You can't just rough it like Grizzly Adams back in the day. Pull out the nose hairs, everything. Shave it, keep it clean.

R: How many boobs have you seen in your life?
Ice: I lost count a looong time ago.

R: If you could guess?
Ice: A hundred million. Probably more, and that's honest.

R: Your favorite tattoo that you've got?
Ice: Probably my daughter's. BUT, aside from my family, [he bends over and pulls up his pant leg] black sock mafia... [he scrunches down his black socks] THIS is my favorite tattoo.

[Media and fan flash photography frenzy ensues]

R: LED, incandescent or fluorescent?
Ice: LED man. At least for now, but who knows what ever the next technology is-it's comin'.

R: Give a shootout to your favorite hardware store.
Ice: Can't do that. I've got contracts and stuff, but I can tell you I like wood.
· Big Dig [Player's Sports]