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A Few Questions for Brielle Buchberg About Her Shoe Collection

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In the second post of a three-part series, our Rick Owens-clad defender of justice, Samm Mackin speaks with Brielle Buchberg of Luxury Garage Sale about her legendary shoe collection.

Luxury Garage Sale co-owner, Brielle Buchberg has a shoe collection to rival Imelda Marcos and with twins on the way, she may soon have a little girl(s) to hand them down to. Even though she might have to shelve some of those fabulous pumps while she’s preggers with child, Brielle is still determined to ride out the rest of her pregnancy in style. We sat down with her to ask everything about shoes, from repair to her favorite pair.

R: Brielle, tell me about your shoe collection I hear it’s massive.
How many pairs of shoes do you own?
BB: I have no idea but let’s just say a lot. Unfortunately, most are just collecting dust right now because they don’t fit me!

R: Which pair of shoes is your favorite?
BB: Toss up between two. A pair of Charlotte Olympia leopard print, fur, pumps with a neon pink heel and a pair of pink satin Lanvin pumps with a jeweled heel. I still get excited every time I look at them.

R: Do you have a special shoe closet?
BB: I wish! One day!

R: What was your first pair of designer shoes?
BB: A pair of Gucci strappy sandals I got while on vacation with my family. They are the epitome of what I would NEVER wear now and have since been sold through LGS!

R: Where is the best place for shoe repair in Chicago?
BB: I like Gus’s Shoe Repair on Clark at Fullerton. It is right down the street from me and they have never disappointed.

R: Is the baby a boy or girl?
BB: Babies! We don’t know yet but are finding out soon.

R: What is your style solution for being pregnant?
BB: Maxi dresses and J Brand “Mama J” Jeans. It has been tough, nothing fits!

R: How are you going to style the baby?
BB: My babies will be my little dolls. I plan on dressing them in the most adorable outfits every day. Lindsay will definitely help me style them!
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