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Well Then, Vile & Valiant Looks Like a Cool New Shop

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We caught word of some commotion on West Grand Ave, and as it turns out, it'll be a brand new shop, opening next week on August 24th. Designed to be a new independent boutique experience for ladies and gentlemen, Mark Millar and his partner Mariel, along with their pug, Daisy are opening Vile & Valiant.

[Click to enlarge Daisy, the smushy-faced pug as the store is in build-out phase]

Mark tells us, that he and Mariel are building something independent, something that allows shoppers to take more risks. This spawned out of "a feeling of disappointment with boutique shops in the city and how these boutiques are carrying safer, larger brands. All boutiques these days seemed toned down and similar to one another," Mark says. Counter that to Mark's childhood experiences growing up on the Hoxton side of London where each shop was its own monster.

Hence the creative take on the interior of their shop and all the independent brands their stocking. Think a multitude of antiques that they've painted vibrant colors and brands we've barely heard of, but worth exploration like Halo Jones Jewelry, Alexandra Grecco, Laura Dawson, Monkee Genes and James Anthony.
· Vile & Vallant [Official Site]

1359 W Grand, Chicago Il