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The Westfield App Update is Great if You're Lost, Hungry and Want to Watch Videos

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Old Orchard, Hawthorn and Fox Valley are convenient due to the myriad of services and shops, though often confusing with so much there at your disposal. With the high-pressure back-to-school and upcoming hectic holiday situations in mind, property manager, Westfield has come out with an app update to make it easier to navigate and cope with.

Now, shoppers in search of sales and special offers can browse the app’s curated list of the mall’s best deals with the Expanded Search tool. Users are not only able to browse specific products with keyword searches and then sort by relevance, retailer and price, but they are also able to use keywords to search for special events, dining options, store locations. Then there's the Directions feature (shown above). The new map feature enables users to navigate the mall efficiently, guiding them turn-by-turn from where they are to where they want to go. If you want to tweet or share via Facebook one of your finds or deals you've conquered, there's a built in tool for that.

Then there's the cooler stuff: the hands free, Voice Command “Concierge” You tap to ask like Siri and ask things like "Where's the bathroom?", "Where can I eat pasta?" or "I want to pet puppies at the pet store." We're not sure if the latter request works, that feature is still in beta. The app also has Open Table integration and a feature that allows you to watch movie previews before you go the the theater to buy tickets.
· Westfield Mall App [iTunes]