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Poltrona Frau Beds at WPA

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One of our fave design stores, WPA in River North, is home to what we call the Holy Trinity of furnishings--Cappellini, Cassina and Poltrona Frau, all part of the Poltrona Frau Group. (Please don't ask us why we want to buy a $5000 Poltrona Frau coffee table, but we do). However, we now have some new obsessions. WPA is now home to Poltrona Frau beds. Yes, you can now purchase a sleek, fabulous, Italian platform bed to go with your $5k coffee table, and we're sure the Elle Decor clan will come knocking. Don't expect these beds to be anything less than amazing. And don't expect the prices to be anything less than exorbitant, either. But if you get that big bonus or want to make your sleeping quarters more, ahem, friendly, we suggest you go talk to Brian at WPA right now, to choose your new Poltrona Frau bed. [Racked Inbox]