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Checking in on the Brilliance of The Chicago Fragrance

Photo taken in Chicago's Lurie Garden

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As fall approaches and we're focusing on updating styles and evolving looks we thought we'd check in on the superstar scent of Fall 2012. Yes, the scent we feel will make mega headlines this fall. The Chicago Fragrance: Tru Blooms Chicago First Harvest.

The fragrance is a very forward-thinking initiative linking several communities through one fragrance by using flowers and herbs from twenty gardens around the city spanning from Bowmanville to Washington Park to Grant Park. The first project of its kind.

First, the fragrance now has a website. YAY. Now, according to the bulletpointed important dates, yesterday was the last day gardens are in bloom. Today begins the three-week long harvesting period. Until September 5, Tru Fragrance is employing gardeners and horticulturists to gather the roses, lavender and violets, that they've been working so hard to grow. This makes the initiative even cooler for putting local people to work.

After all that harvesting, while the bottling process begins, the limited-edition Tru Blooms First Harvest is available for presale online while the concoction is being produced under a recipe by Ungerer & Co.. Then, Monday October 15 we're assuming a mad style rush at all the fragrance's outlets, Water Tower, Chicago Botanical Gardens, the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and The She'd Aquarium. Retailing for $15, $35 and $60, it's probably the best city souvenir any hotel or museum gift shop will ever sell.
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