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A Few Questions for Lindsay Segal on Jewels & Wedding Dresses

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In the final post of a three-part series, our Rick Owens-clad defender of justice, Samm Mackin speaks with Lindsay Segal of Luxury Garage Sale about her legendary shoe collection.

Lindsay Segal of Luxury Garage Sale has enough jewelry to to fill a store. In fact she has divulged that she is parting with some of her prized pieces that will be sold in the new LGS storefront. Even more exciting than her spectacular jewelry collection is the fact that Lindsay is soon to be married. We chatted about her impending nuptials, why she doesn’t share her jewelry with Brielle, and what marriage advice her bestie for life has given her.

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Racked: What is your prized piece of your jewelry collection?
Lindsay Segal: Oh my God! I cannot answer that question! How can you ask what my favorite child is?! They are all equally special.

R: Do you ever share your jewelry with Brielle?
LS: No, ha! Do you know how some girlfriends get mad at each other when they copy each other’s purchases? Well, we have a lovely unspoken agreement, and if we both fall in love with the same piece we both usually find a way to track it down. We have a few matching necklaces and bracelets. We both style them in such different ways, so it really doesn’t bother either of us.

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R: Will you share with Brielle’s babies?
LS: Obviously! My dream is to style the little nuggets in all my oversized necklaces and sunglasses.

R: You’re getting married soon can you describe your wedding dress to me?
LS: It is definitely not traditional! I just had my final fitting yesterday, and I turned to my mom to tell her how in love I am with it. I feel completely comfortable and it is just so “me.” I am very excited to wear it!

R: Are you planning your own wedding?
LS: Yes. I didn’t want a large, traditional wedding. We are doing a family wedding and then coming home after our honeymoon and having a large cocktail party to celebrate with all our friends.

R: What shoes are you wearing with your dress?
LS: Valentino lace open toe bow heels. They are amazing!

R: Would you put your dress up for auction on LGS after your wedding?
LS: No! I absolutely CAN and WILL wear this again.

R: What are your bridesmaids wearing?
LS: No bridesmaids, just me and the groom!

R: What is the groom wearing?
LS: A grey suit.

R: What advice has Brielle given you on marriage?
LS: No advice. Brie?get on that, okay? However, she has given me plenty of advice on planning the wedding.

R: Does your fiance have any say in your outfit choices?
LS: Absolutely not! He really loves my quirky sense of style and he always smiles when I am wearing something unexpected or different. I would not have it any other way.
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