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Apparently Stock Mfg. Co. Has Some East Coast Competition

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['Pearl Clutch' at the 1:10 mark]

As one of our readers, by the screen name FashionistaCHI comments in yesterday's post introducing Stock Mfg. Co., the newest incarnation of Left of Trend writes,

" Hi Jared,
I wanted to let you know actually a company called TrendSeeder is doing the same thing already. You can check it out at or view the How It Works video at: [VIDEO URL]. We launched on the 4th of July."

#Truth, FashionistaCHI, TrendSeeder, a NY-based company (with a 773 prefix to the phone number) is pretty much the same model as Stock Mfg. Co.. The exception is the 11 Style Board Members who have input on whether the style goes into production. With Stock Mfg. Co.'s model, only the consumers have input.
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