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D/D/uo Creates the Ultimate Collaboration to End All Collaborations

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Two new designers with Chicago roots have recently started having a little more fun with their careers in the bursting style scene in New York. Dilan Walpola, whose designs have been seen on rap artist, Eve and Danny Tucker Nelson, a graduate of SAIC have begun collaborating with each other under the label D/D/uo.

In a world where the 'on-trend' trend is collaboration after collab-happy collaboration, the mission of the label is to tounge-in-cheek poke fun and squirt all over the faces of designer collaborations. Nothing is in production as of yet but you can pre-order their "seasonless" styles by dropping them a line.

The fan page on Facebook is a mere two weeks old but has already released styles like the Clemence bullcalf leather bag in printed white with silver tone hardware and the ultimate in hobo chic (aka) an Hermes orange stick with an hermes orange scarf tied to the end of it, locked with a silver tone lock. Our personal favorite, yes, even before the yellow hombre briefs, is the multi collaboration polo with 21 design houses including Paul Smith, Gucci, Marc Jacobs Intl, Dolce & Gabbana, McQ, Louis Vuitton, American Eagle Outfitters, Lacoste and more.
· D/D/uo [Facebook]