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First (Unofficial) Look Into the AT&T Superstore on Michigan Ave

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Nobody was aroused when the news broke of AT&T coming to Michigan Avenue. One of our commenters on that story actually wrote, "This is a really dumb concept... I give the store 2 years in this space".

Welp, we've got the beginning of an answer of how cool the store will rate on the cool-o-meter come opening day on September 1. We've obtained a few cell snaps via the tipline of the interior which is still in-progress. Lots of flat screens, mobile devices, speakers, home entertainment options, fun chairs and even a car.

We're fielding judgement at least for now, and still, we wonder if it'll change the number of dropped calls we get in the Gold Coast. If no, at least we'll have something cool to explore in our down time.
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AT&T Superstore

600 N Michigan Ave, Chicago IL