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FINALLY: Half Price Wireless at O'Hare

Photo: San Diego Shooter on Flickr

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Man, what in Sam Hill were they thinking when they made 24 hours of Wi-Fi at O'Hare? As if anyone stayed in the airport for more than 3 hours at a time. Not that $6.95 is a lot to spend, but for a few emails... c'mon. According to Crain's, the price of Wi-Fi at Chicago's airports (we didn't forget about you, Midway) is being cut in half, effective immediately.

The cost, under a deal with Google is dropping to $3.48 for a 24-hour period-- but only until October 15. Much better, still not free, but much better. The catch: you have to watch a 30 second commercial before you can log on. But wait! The Aviation Commissioner says free Wi-Fi is most likely coming in November thanks to Boingo.
· O'Hare, Midway Now Offering Half-Price Wi-Fi [Crain's]