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The 'Running of The Heels' and Kelly Osbourne Kick Off The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival

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Early this morning, we arose with a competitive spirit, and in the mood to start shopping. Not that we don't wake up with both of these emotional attributes every day, but today, we ate our Wheaties. Us, and about 25 other women (and men) who wanted to win 10 pair of shoes from Nordstrom, care of The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival.

With Ana Belaval of WGN in the background, sportscasters blaring from the sound booth in Tribune Tower, and anxious women with tight buns ready to sprint, an eerie silence came over Pioneer Court. Here, where the Marilyn Monroe statue once stood, the fate of one lucky closet rests in the ability to kick it in six inch heels, down Michigan Avenue to the Mastercard finish line. Suddenly, the air horn sounds...

Alas, our Mossimo for Target (size 12) mustard colored heels were too much to handle and we were schooled by our fellow competitors after the right shoe fell off nearly half way through the race. Earlier in the morning, when we talked to Kelly Osbourne before she kicked off the Shopping Fest, and gave us some advice, which we phewphewed. "Go to CVS and get those little sheer half-socks, put hairspray inside them and rubber bands around the bottom".
That'll learn ya.
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Oh, and the guy that won was Anthony from Lakeview. He was wearing blue shorts, a white shirt and black heels.

Pioneer Court Plaza

401 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611