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Line To Love: Two Penny Blue

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Despite the seeming unsustainability of the TOMS shoe model, the one-for-one, it has taken off in very recent years with a number of companies adopting it. From TOMS to Warby Parker, donating an item to a person in need for every one purchase, works. One of the newest companies to thrive is based right here in Chicago, and it's called Two Penny Blue. The brainchild of Marie Whitney, wife of new Cubs Director of Operations Theo Epstein, Two Penny Blue's cool blazers are come in a variety of fabrications and colors, and four styles. But the real kicker is how chic you'll look because you'll be philanthropic at the same time.

The provenance of the name Two Penny Blue is stamp from the 1800s in Europe, which had a picture of Queen Victoria on it, a woman in power. Whitney applied the name to her company which donates a school uniform for every blazer sold to the Daraja Academy, a top school in Kenya for high achieving girls. The motto is "educate a girl, change the world." We couldn't agree more. Two Penny Blue's blazers are exclusively sold on Two Penny Blue's website and stay under $400. There's nothing more en vogue these days than philanthropy.
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