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What Jenny McCarthy Thinks of The J. Parker's Music Choices

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Last night, hometown hero, Jenny McCarthy was spotted at Hotel Lincoln's new rooftop restaurant, The J. Parker. She was wearing a black Michael Kors dress accessorized with the Michael Kors metallic gold python Gia Clutch and lacy Dior pumps. Though she wasn't drinking anything, she did say the music was crap and needed to be better.

So we called over the crew at J. Parker what they would play in place of whatever said "crap" was infiltrating the airwaves thirteen floors above Lincoln Park. The team told us that we were listening to the manager's Pandora stations and suggested Sade (you know, Smooth Operator). Jenny of course poo-pooed this choice asking if everyone wanted to fall asleep and die, then suggested a selection from Terminatrix. We weren't so sure what Terminatrix was at first but then it was explained that it was a Japanese sci-fi movie which is basically a soft core adult film released in 2005 where killer sex-droids rule the universe.
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