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No Happy Ending for Dressing Room Shenanigans in Andersonville

Not the dressing room in question

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As the week nears and end, we'd like to alert our dear North Side shoppers and business owners of something that happened this week in The Neighborhood of the Future. "Lewd behavior in dressing room."

Yeeeeah, that right there was the subject line of an email that has been circulating Andersonville, Edgewater and Uptown businesses. Apparently the incident (which didn't have a happy ending) involved a "disheveled individual" who was seen shopping at two stores within these areas, entered the dressing room of the second store and "engaged in an inappropriate activity" by himself.

This raises the issue, mostly out of respect for fellow shoppers, of Dressing Room Etiquette. We're going to take this opportunity to rub out 10 simple guidelines to ensure everyone's shopping trip has a happy ending.

- If it's a busy department store-esque establishment, keep your item count around 4.
- One Person at a time unless its a teenage girl dance party at a fast fashion box store.
- Wear underwear.
- Keep your underwear on.
- Know how to organize what you're trying on. Sort into 3 categories: 'Yes', 'No', 'Maybe'.
- Be prepared to ask for one size larger. Better yet, just go into the fitting rooms with two or three sizes.
- Watch how much Jersey Shore bronzer you get on the clothes you're not going to buy.
- Don't use the associate as a punching bag.
- Clean up. Bring all the clothes you're not buying back to the associate unless you've got a personal shopper with you or the store has several dressing room attendants. Also, don't forget your empty venti skim macchiato cup.
- Don't be 'that guy' in Andersonville who was never good at playing well with others.
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