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Jenny McCarthy Getting Her Makeup Done and Talking About Yoga Before Lollapalooza

Jenny's lip color, complimentary to the tone of her new mini dress

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Playboy vixen Jenny McCarthy arrived at the ck one color Music Lounge in the Hard Rock this weekend during Lollapalooza in a gorgeous orange mini-dress (which she had purchased on her way to the event), looking healthy and in great spirits. Having just moved back to her native Chicago, the beauty mentioned that she didn’t want to raise her son in LA and was glad to be back in the Windy City, as was her son. She mentioned that her boyfriend lives very close to her new home and she was incredibly happy with him and her current life in general, even though she mentioned that she’s constantly traveling back and forth between Chicago and LA and has been maintaining a crazy schedule (Rancic style).

While having ck one color cosmetics applied by a makeup artist at the event, she was overheard saying that she had recently gotten into yoga and was feeling very at peace as a result saying she had “followed her heart” and it had led her to the right place. After the party, she headed home to get ready for the festival, mentioning that the bands were not really “her type of music,” making fun of her age and saying that she “prefers Pink Floyd and loves Ozzie Osbourne.”
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