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People Are Moving INSIDE of Escada, This is Whats Happening:

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Late last night, ESPN started building out a temporary event space for an activation. Come this friday, the All-Access Event space will open to Michigan Ave shoppers and Chicagoland sports fans. Though we're not too into breaking a sweat or being glued to the boob tube, this does involve a huge space that we think Uniqlo is moving into on "one of the great shopping streets of the world." Henceforth, we're letting you in on the intel.

Because there's no sports town like chi-town, ESPN is opening a Friday and Saturday pop-up event for the die-hard sports fan. Anybody who shows up can partake in a Q&A with athletes and on-air talent, play interactive sports games, win prizes and cash in on free stuff and do something that they're calling "Chicago Bears Chalk Talk." It opens Friday, Aug 4 from 4-9PM (open bar) (YAY) and Saturday Aug 11 from high noon to 5PM. Also, If anyone knows what a "Chalk Talk" is, please let us know.
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