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Fleur de Lis Does the Limbo; Roslyn's Raw Minerals

One of the precious new designs from Minerology at Roslyn

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RIVER NORTH Limbo jewelry is the brainchild of Edson Enriquez. His aesthetic incorporates his Mexican heritage, as well as the clean looks and the feel of an urban city center like Manhattan. He will showcase Limbo's newest jewels at the two story River North florist Fleur de Lis on Aug 16. The line will be feted with Champagne and bites and a giveaway of sorts; the first 25 people to appear at the trunk show will receive a sweet gift bag. And you know how much we all love swag...[Racked Inbox]

BUCKTOWN - If you are non-traditional, edgy, unorthodox or just plain different, and want your accessories to convey that about you, then you need to check out Theresa Cowan's Mineralogy jewelry, which features things like raw and uncut pyrite, amethysts, quartz and other stones fashioned into tough necklaces and rings. Like many successful fashion designers in or out of Chicago, Cowan's academic pedigree began at SAIC, and now her pieces are available at Roslyn. In fact, on Aug. 18 from 1-5PM, she will be in store to display and discuss her pieces (with Champagne). The summer collection will be shown, as well as exclusive pieces from Mineralogy's pre-fall collection. And if you purchase a piece over $100, you'll even be entered to win Mineralogy necklace or earrings. [Racked Inbox]


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