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Chiasso Cleans Out Its Warehouse

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Sleek, minimalist design seems to be on the lips of everyone these days. But designers like Patricia Urquiola and Rodolfo Dordoni are not really within the reach of the masses. However, other stores such as Chiasso come to the rescue. Chiasso, a modern home mecca, is having a warehouse sale on Saturday and Sunday of this week. Sofas, artwork, chairs and practically everything for home will be on sale. Items will be marked down from 20-70%, but will look like they cost an arm and a leg. All of this comes at a (gas) price, though. The sale is not in the city, but in the western suburb of Bolingbrook, so fill up your tank now, and take public trans for the next day if you have to. You can't miss this sale. [Racked Inbox]