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Retro on Rosco Roundup: Lots of Sales & Making Your Own Edible Pixie Stick Candy Art

Photo: Alicia Tastes Life

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Each year in the bedroom community known for taverns and strollers the shops and restaurants band together and throw a mega street fest with over 50 antique cars and motorcycles called Retro on Roscoe. There are three stages for entertainment on six full blocks of artisans, antique vendors, and cool merchants. Just so you know what you're getting yourself into, we've got a roundup of what the neighborhood shops are up to.

Village Paperie - Definitely the star of this retro show, 2012 will be the store's 6th year doing a booth, which is always more kid-friendly. This year, us big kids may just go over there because the store's booth feature edible gourmet art. They've bought over 25 different flavors of gourmet powder sugar candy. They give you a cylindrical jar that you fill up with layers of the sugar, kind-of like sand art. You can make as thick of a layer, or thin as you want. This was described to us as gourmet Pixie Stick sugar that comes in flavors like root beer and cotton candy.

Village Discount Outlet - 50% off sale both Saturday and Sunday.
Fixture - Big Buddah handbags are 25% off, raincoats, boots and umbrellas 20% off.
Zane and Zara - Not doing anything special. Business as usual.
A Pied - Guests have three tries to toss a ring on a stick to get anywhere 5-30% off your purchase.
Custom Eyes - 50% Armani OGI frames.
Shangra-La Vintage - A cheap sunglass and jewelry table on the street.
Hubba Hubba - Doing a raffle to win a $100 Hubba-Hubba gift card.
Denim Lounge - 20% off everything.
Roscoe Village Bikes - Closing for the weekend due to the difficulties of test driving bikes with so many people in the street.
Kickin' - Open longer hours and a booth of sale items set up on the street.
· Retro on Roscoe [Star Events]

Denim Lounge

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