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Windy City Live's Candace Jordan Checks the Facts on Glamorama; Ana Belaval is Not Audrey Hepburn

Screencap of Windy City Live

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LOOP - Former Playboy bunny Candace Jordan was on Windy City Live this morning and spoke of all things Glamorama. She and host Val Warner recited nearly every fact possible about the production including how tall the models are, to how many semi trucks the show travels in, to how many Patron bars at the after-party there will be. After watching the segment, all your questions about Glamorama should be answered. All that, and Candace and Val give one lucky audience member a pair or tickets. Spoiler Alert: it was audience member 16. [ABC 7]

GOLD COAST - Tiffany & Co., which is celebrating their 175th anniversary this year hosted WGN for an interview this morning. Allegedly, Ana Belaval, the reporter, wanted to dress up like Audrey Hepburn to be guided around the store. Needless to say with such a prestigious company, that didn't fly. However, we do now know that Ana's favorite high end engagement ring is the patented mixed cut stone named the Lucida. [WGN 9]