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What Would the Founders of a Successful Online Menswear Business Wear on Their Dream Vacation?

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Heikal Gani (right) and Kyle Vucko (left) having a relaxing drink while wearing suits. Photo: Andreas Rentz for Getty

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Most of you men who paid a visit to Union Station near a month ago for the Vancouver-based Indochino pop-up (A.K.A. The Traveling Tailor) are probably getting your suits right about now and basking in how many compliments you're getting. Well, for the two guys that look that fly every day, the founders of Indochino, we thought we'd ask them about the time that they spend out of the office; a dream vacation, and what they'd wear on that dream vacation.

Racked: Mister. Heikal and Mister Kyle, what are you two wearing right now?

Kyle Vucko: Indochino head to toe. Wait, no. I'm wearing Tod's driving shoes. They're some of the most comfortable shoes I own.

Heikal Gani: Indochino from the Superhero collection and a pair of Japanese shoes from Voice Classics.

R: Ahh, nice. You guys work really hard all the time and you probably rarely get a chance to relax. Where would you two go on your dream vacation?

HG: Singapore.

KV: The Italian countryside, it's relaxing there.

R: Right you are sir. So what would you wear on your dream vacation?

KV: Shorts and a t-shirt, it's the most comfortable. If I were going out I'd wear one of my suits.

HG: Same. No, I'd wear Indochino all the time.

Well there you have it folks. Forget the beach volleyball, sand and surf, fun in the sun. It's all fast Asian shopping and picturesque European scenery for the boys behind one of the fastest growing online custom menswear businesses. But really, is it that surprising that they would wear custom suits on vacation?
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