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Dissecting this Floor Plan of The Wal-Mart Market in Lakeview

The Ground Level Life Safety Site Plan

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The construction on the new Wal-Mart Market on Broadway at Surf is underway and we just got this photo of the Ground Level Life Safety Site Plan. Hard to believe they're scheduled to be done with the buildout late this fall, but hey--Walmart seems to know how to work miracles.

This is what we're told this floor plan means, and we'll pass on this intelligence by dissecting this photo: 1) The freezer section for frozen foods. 2) The home supplies and dry goods section which will likely contain the cat food. 3) The checkout counters and self-checkout stations. 4) This is where the "bailer" is kept. A bailer is what is used in a supermarket to strap flattened cardboard boxes together. 5) This is the most useful piece of information, the bathroom location, because we've all been there--out on the street in the chilly fall air sipping a hot herbal tea and suddenly it turns into a deathrace for t.p.. 6) And last but not least, the area for the grocery items. And if you're still hungry we've got a photo of what the inside the space looks like right now, right here.
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