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Riding in a Tuk Tuk, C/FAN's Passport Was Swiped. The Story:

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In the final post in a three-part series, our intrepid 'finder of the impossible', Samm Mackin grills Christina Fan about that one bad travel experience in the Indochina Peninsula.

[Photo: C/FAN on Instagram]

On a recent trip to Cambodia fashion designer Christina Fan of label C/FAN and her fiancee, Toby experienced every traveler's nightmare; their passports were swiped from them. For those of us in other parts of the world Fan decided to document the whole experience on Instagram. So through the modern marvel of social media, Fan's friends could stay posted on the developments of her dramatic adventure. We decided to ask her a little more details on her escapade to Cambodia.

Racked: We heard about your recent trip to Cambodia was quite harrowing since your passport was stolen. How did that happen?

Christina Fan: The whole situation could have happened anywhere, petty theft is always an issue in every major city, minus the tuk tuk.

R: Did the thief take off with anything else?

C: My mini treasure trove – Camera, phone, wallet, bag, etc. I've learned over the past 10 years to pack extremely lightly, but this time it wasn't light enough.

R: We saw the whole story unfold on Instagram, what inspired you to document your adventure in that way?

C: Well, I didn't have a camera anymore and this was definitely a story to share with my friends. Plus, Instagram is the bomb.

R: What do you think the moral of the story was from this escapade?

C: Things are just things, they can always be replaced. There are other aspects of life that hold more significance.

R: What were you able to enjoy about Cambodia despite the passport fiasco?

C: I adored the local culture and attitude. We spend quite a bit of time with locals rather than just playing the tourist role and I think that experience is priceless.

R: Did you do any great shopping?

C: With the whole theft fiasco, not really, but I did have bit of time to visit a local contemporary silver artisan who had these amazing hand crafted silver bracelet and was able to take a piece away as a souvenir.

R: Would you visit Cambodia again after that experience?

C: Absolutely. I love it there.
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