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In With the Art Crowd

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It's cool to be in with the in crowd, and go where the in crowd goes. We know. We've been a part of the in crowd for a long time. And we know that the in crowd LOVES art, so where you need to be this Wednesday is at Navy Pier's festival hall for MCA's Vernissage night for EXPO Chicago. That's if you want to be a part of the in crowd. For a refresher, Vernissage has come to mean the preview of an art exhibit, before its public opening. They're always fabulous, and this one is no exception as it will feature cocktails, fancy folks in fancy outfits, food and a ticket to EXPO to see new and upcoming artists and gallery wares. Tix will be sold until 5pm tomorrow, but will also be available for purchase at the door. The $100 tix are still available. You in? [Racked Inbox]