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H&M's Lana Del Rey Windows Went Up Last Night. Did They Use the 'BUMP IT' in the Mannequin's Hair?

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Last night H&M installed their new windows featuring Lana Del Rey. Starting in July, the singer became the face of H&M's Fall collection, 'LA Noire'. This past weekend, H&M leaked the commercial for the collection featuring Lana singing Blue Velvet, in it her hair was big and pulled back smoothly in a modern bouffant, as it always is. The mannequins in the window however, seem to be using a (season 1) Snooki technique or the famous volumizer, BUMP IT which isn't as smooth of a bouffant as what appears in the commercial. So we called H&M and asked the visual merchandising team about the Lana Del Rey mannequin wigs and how manipulated the hair.

In our professional opinion it does appear to be a BUMP IT. Don't you agree? But no. All six wigs were made by H&M's corporate visuals team using actual hair styling techniques, surprisingly not using BUMP ITs. The wigs were then specially packed and shipped to H&M stores for the displays.
· H&M [Official Site]
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