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Remember Phones Before the iPhone 5?

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Today in Chicago, like in many places all over the US, Asia and Europe, thousands of people were bustin' down the doors of the Apple Store to get their iPhone 5. Ahh, the new features; a 4" Retina display screen, lighter weight, brushed aluminum, smaller charging cord. It's really amazing how far we've come from the phones of the past. Remember those old phones? The Sidekick, the Razr, the Zack Morris Phone? We do. In fact, we're so sentimental, we never threw them out--though we can't remember most of their names.

So we took five of these oldies but goodies and went down to the Apple Store to see if five good-looking shoppers could remember their names. Really, we just want people to make up silly names for obsolete phones. Click through to find out what model names they made up.
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