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WTF is This Globby Ball?

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Walking on Michigan Ave at Huron this week we're in our own utopia world listening to the Eat Pray Love soundtrack on repeat kind of letting our eyes wander just as much as our feet. Looking around at all the second level window displays (that only the tourists have time to look at) we see a little of the paper in the windows at the Niketown construction site has come down. We see this big white globby ball.

Well, this big globby ball is mirrored on the other side of the storefront, making a pair of globby balls flanking the entry. Each of the big balls is actually comprised of a bunch of small balls, but the small balls aren't globby, they're rather smooth. Upon closer inspection of the balls we realize they're basket balls in a milky white lacquer or a very smooth shiny material. Spurting out of the top of the balls are many shoes, also in the white. We can only assume these balls are lit from within to be light fixtures.
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669 N Michigan Ave, Chicago IL