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Dylan's Candy Bar Maybe Opening a Chicago Store, Probably a Holiday Pop-Up, Too

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After opening her store in LA this month, Dylan Lauren is poised to take her company, Dylan's Candy Bar to the next level, way beyond all the wholesale, partnerships the company is known for, aside from the New York Flagship. The next step is Miami and after that, as Dylan tells WWD, her sights are on Vegas which seems like a no-brainer, San Francisco with will add a serious West Coast heft to the brand and Chicago which would be a phenomenal step. If there's one thing we need here in the middle of the Viagra Triangle, it's more sugar (you know what we mean). To gauge the enthusiasm for the store in these markets, Dylan may be opening holiday pop-ups.

In addition to candy, the brand has started in the lifestyle product realm branching even further into apparel and some home furnishings like pillows. This progression of offerings likens itself to require a larger footprint and be on higher end shopping streets. The article goes on to say that Dylan prefers her stores to be between 5,000 and 15,000 square feet and two levels in high trafficked pedestrian areas.
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