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NEWSFLASH: Coupon Cabin Has a New Blog

Appropriated screencap of this morning's diamond earring deal

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Local deal site,, in it's tenure on the e-market has become one of the most popular coupon sites on the web. And now, (hard to believe it didn't already have one) they have launched a new blog, the Coupon Newsflash.

The deals range from a free box of Gas-X thin strips to a pair of diamond earrings set in 14K white gold at 81% off, so naturally the front page can be a little tough to navigate depending on what you're looking for. Thankfully, shoppers can search by zip code, neighborhood or key words. What is really impressive about this is, yes, it's a new site, but it's updated constantly. There were 29 deals posted since 5:52AM this morning and at the end of each day they do a recap of each day.
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