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Let The Voting Begin! What's the Best Shoe Store of The Year?

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This fair city is filled with options for footwear, high and low, from Uptown to the Loop. Over the past year, the footwear scene game has changed dramatically with the addition of the big DSW in the historic Sullivan Center, the closure of House of Sole in the South Loop and the news of impending descent of the all mighty Louboutin on Oak.

This year for the nominees, we look fondly at the newly opened Timberland, Lori's on Armitage for busting out a capsule collection and Topshop for their consistency in stocking on-trend styles. Also on Michigan Ave we want to give a shoutout Neiman Marcus for their swanky in-store events, Saks for their outstanding selection and commitment to hosting charitable groups and over in Wicker Park, City Soles at the Six Corners for the sales.

So many fine shoe stores, it's hard to pick the best. This is where you come in. Think about your favorite, who has accomplished the most this year and after the jump, vote for the best.

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Neiman Marcus

737 North Michigan Avenue, , IL 60611 (312) 642-5900 Visit Website