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The Future of Stylist, Julie Watson and What Happens to Clients

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In an email to her clients yesterday, well-known stylist with a storefront in The 900 Shops, Julie Watson of juliewatsonstyle announced she'll be moving north of the border to Madison, Wisconsin on October 1. There, she'll begin a new position at Land's End in the merchandising division for the company's catalog and online presence.

In the letter, she explains that, though she's accepting a position which places her physically far away from her clients, she'll continue being owner and president juliewatsonstyle. The team of stylists; Annie Barlow, Emily Lytle, and Taryn Bickley will carry on day-to day operations with clients.

At the end of the letter, very bittersweetly she writes,

Losing valued time with wonderful clients, friends, and business partners was by far the hardest part of my decision. The relationships I've developed are what make me so happy that I spent the last five years creating this business in Chicago! It's certainly not goodbye, as I'll be back often -- let's just say it's 'see you soon!'

· juliewatsonstyle [Official Site]