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Name the Best, Forget the Rest: Vote for Chicago's Top Market

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In Chicago, every weekend there's something to do, more often than not, its an outdoor market or a street fest. Sometimes the market involves doughnuts and beer, other times its tulle skirts, leather party hats and vintage jade baubles. All of which we love. So we come to you with the question about all the favorite markets: who does it best? Who's at the top?

The 2012 nominees start off with The Vintage Bazaar who has had a landmark year securing partnership after partnership while loving cats. Then we also need to give props to their new-coming stiff competition, The Vintage Garage which in its first season has seemed to grow at an enormous rate. We have the contemporary Dose Market, coming out of the smoke to continue shelling out food and fashion on a monthly basis. Also monthly, is the Pilsen playground down on 18th. Pilsen's Second Fridays, albeit a hike to get there, has maintained stature in the shopping community as being well-priced, [boozy yet cultured] and one hell of a good time. Finishing off this group of great markets we have Randolph Street Market which continues to make headlines with recognizable brands and The Renegade Craft Fair who, since closing their storefront has gone on to become the most successful world-traveling indie marketplace we've ever seen.

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