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County Prosecutor Bites Sex Shop Worker on The Leg, Breaks Skin

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Photo via Yelp

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How's this for a shitshow: A drunk Cook County prosecutor named Sarah Naughton bit the guy behind the register at the sex shop, Taboo Tabu on Belmont at Clark. Apparently, Sarah and her "man associate", Bradley Gould, who was also drunk entered the store around 7PM (little early, no?) and became disruptive. When the guy behind the counter, who was probably up to his elbows in lube and handcuffs, asked Sarah and her "man associate" to leave, shit hit the fan.

Sarah got cranky and "became belligerent". This is when the sex shop worker called for help from the neighboring cigar shop. The "man associate" took a swing, Sarah fell over onto the ground and bit the sex shop worker on the ankle and broke the skin, leaving not only a welt on the victim, but the taste of drunken victory on her lips.

The worker was taken to the hospital as Sarah and her "man associate" were taken into police custody, then requested medical attention. They hopped into a fire truck ambulance and went to the same hospital as the sex shop worker seeking treatment.
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