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Rock The Vote: Chicago's Most Social Scenester

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You see them everywhere. At all the hottest events, on "the Facebook", tweeting up a storm, instagramming on the street and pinning #madstyle. These people are not only trendsetters and influencers, they're the most [social] social media scenesters. From Candace Jordan's 3-man camera crew to Graham Kostic's party antics we've culled the best scenesters who love to get around in the city online.

First we have Billy Dec of Rockit Ranch, who with 29,000 followers on Twitter and several nightclubs is always on some rooftop somewhere eating gourmet burgers with his harem of models. Then we have the one and only crazy Canadian-turned wonder boy for the windy city, Marcus Riley who oversees most of the social content for NBC Chicago. Former Playboy Bunny, web TV personality, blogger and Tribune columnist, Candace Jordan along side PR powerhouse Amanda Puck who snaps spaetzle for The Foodarazzi and Dish It! on Watch 312. And then we have Chicago's street style pro (who is killing it on Instagram lately) Emma Arnold under the guise of Tres Awesome.

Down the street we have Jessica Zweig and Erica Bethe Levin blogging up a storm for Cheeky and the lady in red, Lisa Frame who's the GIF mastermind for Mugshot Monday and Mugshot Gigs. Over westward, beyond 90/94 there's the snark-asam of Monica Dimperio whose orgasmic wit (The MidWasteland) throws us into convulsions every other day. Quite a difference from Ryan Beshel, known for his bow tie and Graham Kostic, the quirky/nerdy amiable young man from Glossed + Found. Finishing up the group are the founders of the weekly tweet-up #CHICHAT, Cece Gonzales and Melinda Joseph of Raymi Productions.

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