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Fashion is NOW at The 57th Annual Gold Coast Fashion Awards

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1:00PM - We were asked by Children's Memorial Hospital to attend the 57th Annual Gold Coast Fashion Awards Show on a panel of five fashion bloggers to comment on the show. Including Cheeky, Second City Style, ChiCity Fashion, and SocialLife Chiacgo-- a star panel, obvs. So whaddya know, we're here and for the next hour or so, we'll be letting those of you who aren't here what's happening inside the Grand Ballroom at the big boy Hilton on South Michigan Ave during the after the show.

1:10 - Last year's Gold Coast Fashion Award winner, Fabriola Arias introduces her collection, thanks her supporters and sends her collection down the T-shaped runway. You can find her pieces at Ikram.
1:13 - Hottie tater-tottie Wes Gordon, has just sent his oxblood pieces flowing down the runway. The deep mauve pieces are getting the attention from the 1,500+ ladies lunching below the foot of the stage. He finishes off the show with a structured mustard colored gown.
1:16 - Tess Giberson's pure aesthetic seems to be a good middle ground for everyone. Black. White. Metallic... maybe a little shearling.
1:19 - Lyn Devon's girly pieces are are floral on white, shift, mustard and one eye-catchy bright pink number.
1:22 - Large houdstooth, a f* killer furry/feathery skirt and sleeveless coat combo rocking the runway for Stacy Lomann.
1:24 - Rolando Santana's stately, collection is all about the rich yellows, golds, some shimmer, leather, and gorgeous black evening gowns.
1:27 - Misha Nonoo is taking it slow with mid-thigh skirts in plumbs, deep ocean blues, fast jet black and creams. Want: faux fur modified bolero in a dusty fuchsia.
1:30 - Big furs and a refined folkloric tone dominate the aesthetic here for Verlaine's collection. Finishing the show with a stiff black leather peplum.
1:32 - The collection of Rubin Singer (in it to win it) is adventurous, dfast, playful with shoulder pouffs, blah & white stripes, red & black cut-outs, drapey black and deep red (seemingly modified floral) gowns, and finished off with a gold stunna.

1:38 - "And now for the retailer's part of the show" the announcer belts into the microphone as the lights shine onto the stage, a stream of models start flooding the stage with Fall Missoni from Nordstrom.
1:40 - The designer is Kelly Wearstler, brought to us by Perchance, who on this day last year opened their boutique in the Elysian-now-Waldorf hotel.
1:43 - Neiman Marcus presents the newest leisurely bits from Rena Lange.
1:45 - Oak Street's Paul Stuart brings out the men... in purple velvet pants and tweed blazers.
1:48 - Chalk Boutique up there in the nosebleed section (Evanston) brings us a very Gold Coast collection for fall by Reed Krakoff.
1:50 - Here's one that's great for winter: McElroy Furs with zebra, leopard print, horizontal stripes.
1:52 - Saks is bringing Pucci to the table. It's everything you know Pucci to be.
1:56 - Winnetka legend, Francis Heffernan seriously brought the best from the racks. Lorena Sarbu. Think all the glamor and sophistication you could ever want from a penthouse dinner party to a red carpet.

1:58 - The announcer, who we just learned is the famous 'master of the interior, Susan Glickch
gets back on the mic, without missing a step, "And the 2012 Gold Coast Award Winner is... Wes Gordon".

So there ya go, ladies & gents, we have a winner and the ladies who lunch are on their way out. See you next year.
· Gold Coast Fashion Awards Show [Official Site]