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Blowtique's FNO Freebie Service Blew. Us. Away.

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[Photos: James Atkins Photos]

If you trekked over to Blowtique yesterday to get your free FNO blowout, you got in on something great. The line got longer and longer, but thankfully the stylists were quick, turning out mounds of curls and and lengths of mane by the minute. Your loyal Racked reporters went over to the salon way before noon to be first in line and were sat shortly. If you were like us, choosing to go in for the free day, you prob felt like a million bucks practicing your Hollywood walk on the pink carpet before you even stepped into the salon. But the celeb treatment was just beginning when you actually step foot into the salon. If you want to be in serene surroundings with Murano chandeliers, blonde hardwood floors, Rihanna and the Temptations serenading you and a glass of orange juice, you need to get blown here.
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