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8 Questions for Jason Wu Regarding Kittens, Milk & Karlie Kloss

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Jason Wu was at Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue today to present his newest collection to fans. Before his public appearance, we had the opportunity to sit down with Jason in an office behind the stockrooms to chat about his more accessible contemporary line Miss Wu, skim milk and Karlie Kloss. It was here in this office, adjacent from the intercom operators, where Jason bared his soul and spoke about what was important for the current state of our culture.

Racked: In 2009 you dressed Allison Pill for the Screen Actors Guild Awards for her role in the movie, Milk. What percent of milk do you drink?
Jason Wu: Yes, I thought she did a wonderful job. Skim.

R: In that movie, Allison played a character named Anne Kronenberg, who in real life during the Harvey Milk campaign, was an Californian activist for gay rights. This year, the Supreme Court has two cases coming up in the human rights vein. One of which is centered around California, the other is a federal case. If you were to dress the Justices for either of these cases, what would you dress them in?
JW: A sleek black suit—I think in a wool gabardine. I've never thought about it, but gabardine would be appropriate.

R: Thinking beyond this year, what are the colors for Jason Wu Spring 2014?
JW: I'm thinking bright colors for 2014. If I tell you exactly, I'd have to kill you because we haven't shown it yet. Let's keep it at that.

R: Do you have a charity?
JW: I do, actually. I just started working with ACRIA which is an AIDS organization. I am part of the board of the Young Friends of ACRIA as of late last year.

R: Last year you also participated in the AIDS walk with Karlie Kloss. Your team was named "Step Forward" and was comprised of your families?
JW: Nah, it was Karlie and her mom, me and two other friends. I think we raised $65,000.

R: Given Karlie's training as a runway model, is she a fast walker?
JW: She's a good walker. We couldn't walk fast because there was literally like, 8,000 people back-to-back... so we couldn't walk that fast. [makes a cramped walking motion with his arms]

R: Will you do it again this year with Karlie, and if yes, how do you plan to exceed the bar you set at $65,000?
JW: Hopefully yes, I believe she's going to come back. We're going to step it up this year with ACRIA, hopefully we'll get a bigger group and raise more money. Last year we started fundraising the week before the walk, so this year we'll have more preparation--hoping for $100,000. It was funny, last year I was actually in Seattle at Nordstrom working on Miss Wu and it was like, three days before 'the walk'. I asked everyone in the room to donate and we got about $30 from everyone. I worked that room.

Mew mow meow, Jinxie and Peaches, giving glamor a-go.

R: How are Jinxie and Peaches doing? Do they have nicknames for each other?
JW: They're good, at home and probably sleeping; doing cat things. Nicknames, though? Jinxie and Peaches are nicknames—their names are pretty nicknamey already.
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