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Reality TV Show Star to Open 4 Miles 2 Memphis in Wicker Park Next Door to Roller Derby Bestie

The baddest bitches west of 90/94
The baddest bitches west of 90/94

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Remey Rozin, owner of Broken Cherry on North Ave is collaborating with Danielle Colby, burlesque enthusiast and tattooed star of The History Channel's cult-followed TV show American Pickers to open a shop in Wicker Park.

Broken Cherry's men's extension next door, BC Speed will consolidate and move in shack up with Broken Cherry which right now stocks mostly women's. In it's place, 4 Miles 2 Memphis will open this february. The two storefronts are connected within by a doorway, which allow for one shopkeep to man both stores when Danielle is away filming for American Pickers at Antique Archeology in Iowa.

As Remey tells us, the two were original members of The Windy City Rollers, and have been friends for nearly 10 years. "The time was right, the stars aligned and everything just fell into place. We're both powerful women and with my tech savvy and her marketing skills, the possibilities are endless." Remey tells us, "I've owned a store here [on North Avenue] for five years and I've seen a lot come and go. We've got Silver Moon, the comic book store, but still things open and close because it's hard. Hopefully this summer we can bing some energy back near Hermitage." The duo plans on hosting a lot of events when the weather turns, including an outdoor bazaar with bands, banking on summer foot traffic and auto traffic coming off the nearby highway exit.
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1734-36 W. North Ave, Chicago IL