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Rugby Ralph Lauren Has Now Closed

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Yesterday evening was the last evening ever for Rugby Ralph Lauren on Armitage Ave. Up until the last minute shoppers were entering the store trying to make purchases, though all menswear was sold out and only a few dresses, silk tops and scarves remained for women. The store's staff was unsure of whether the remaining merchandise was going to be sold at other Ralph Lauren stores or online. Of the fourteen Rugby stores across the US and Japan and the UK, four are now closed, including this store, with others coming shortly.

At the intersection of Sheffield and Armitage, the stores windows and other displays have carefully been plastered with 'sale' vinyls and blue paper. And soon, the store, which has been in that place since 2006 will vanish completely to be replaced by a shop to reflect the next phase of Lincoln Park shopping, leaving with only a graffiti'd sidewalk reading "RRL 07".
· Ralph Lauren [Official Site]
· Rugby [Official Site]


1000 W Armitage, Chicago IL