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Pseudo Scientific Theory Sparks 'F Blue Monday' Video

Screencap of 'F Blue Monday' video
Screencap of 'F Blue Monday' video

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A pseudo-scientific theory by a psychologist in the United Kingdom suggests the third Monday in January is the saddest day of the year. "Blue Monday" as it has been coined, makes perfect sense regarding the stats about people keeping resolutions to eat healthier and be healthier while being inside during shortened days. 25% of resolutions fail within the first week, 33% after the first month and the final numbers falling somewhere between 80% and 92% of failure according to a study in the University of Bristol. Just the reason why The Loop, Lincoln Park, Lincoln park and Highland Park Equinox locations are circulating this video they've titled 'F Blue Monday'. The extra incentive is if you join now and work out 12 times this month, you'll get our initiation fee back. That's $175 back in your wallet. Also, if you sign up as a new member right now, you receive a $100 gift card that you can put toward your initiation, which basically sounds like a 'can't beat it' deal.

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