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Advice on How To Get a Job at the Chicago Uniqlo Store

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With Uniqlo maybe supposed to be opening in Chicago we decided to take an inside look at their interview process. For anyone looking for potential employment at the high street purveyor of luxe basics we offer you a little insider knowledge as we've filtered through a slew interview experiences posted to

From the first hand accounts of interviews at both the NYC and San Francisco Uniqlo stores we immediately picked up on the fact that the company seems to use a pretty straight forward process of multiple interviews within a single day. All of the applicants applied for their positions online at Uniqlo's website and were contacted via email to come in for an interview.

In each instance group interviews were conducted after applicants filled out paper work on arrival to the interview. Group interviews are as we know notorious for being frustrating for potential employees. One applicant gave good advice as to "Be unique in your answers but get to the point quickly" since the interview process can be just as frustrating to the potential employer.

After first the interviews were conducted the individuals that moved on to the second round of interviews were asked to stay while the others were demised. This second round of interviews were one on one and applicants that made it through this second round were offered the position on the spot. Interview questions seem standard and included: Name a time you upset a customer, how you handled it, and what you learned from it; Give a strength and weakness; Tell a time you gave good customer service; What is customer service, etc. Salary was non-negotiable at $10/hr (rate based on NYC interview) and a background check and drug test were also to be done as a part of the hiring process.

Our verdict on the process? Uniqlo seems to have a pretty easy straight forward interview process but if you make it through both rounds it can take up to 2 hours so you'll want to block off the appropriate amount of time for it. This job looks like a great position for college students looking for work part-time or anyone looking to get a discount on totally delicious basics. We would even consider picking up a shift for an even bigger steal on those Uniqlo cashmere sweaters.-Samm Mackin
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