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After 10 Years, The World Will Have a 'You Are Beautiful' Book

Photo: <a href="">You Are Beautiful Movement </a>on Facebook
Photo: You Are Beautiful Movement on Facebook

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You've seen the lighthearted reflective silver stickers plastered on storefronts and street signs in Chicago, Milan, Los Angeles--all over the world, but with no lightheartedness should the gravity of the statement be examined. It's serious and it matters. For ten years now, one positive "universal truth", as creator Matthew Hoffman says has been hitting home with people across all walks of life. Surely you know the movement, You Are Beautiful.

Now after a decade and a half a million stickers, Matthew plans on making a You Are Beautiful book. Curious, we ask about the very first sticker that was stuck somewhere, the sticker that started the movement. Matthew responds, "You really got me thinking - I want to say, the first green sticker I put up was on a light pole near a fence on Damen ave just south of Augusta. Approximately 938 N Damen. I vaguely remember that, as that fence was always brown, and I put a few things on it over the years. The same day, I put the first white sticker on the window of the Empty Bottle. That was a long time ago..."

Though we're sure the publishing date isn't to far off, we all know it costs major moolah to produce a physical copy amassing evidence of inspiration from all these years. This is why Matthew has created a Kickstarter, the most diplomatic and grass roots way to fund any project. The video intro for the project starts off by following an inflatable balloon of Bert (sans Ernie) from Sesame Street during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. In the background there's a graffiti'd pre-construction barricade for Block 37. Watch the video, you'll get it. This sort-of normal day, like all the other times we're wandering through our lives, is a moment for reflection.
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You Are Beautiful

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