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This Valentine's Day Card is $395, Features Very Suggestive 'V'

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First, we'd like to tell you that most of the photos we put on Racked Chicago are now enlargeable if you wish to click on them. That being said, this is a Valentine's Day card that costs $395 and features a very suggestive 'V'. If you wish to keep reading we'd like to make it known that this piece of handiwork is created by company called Gilded Age Greetings. The rose and foliage design is carefully painted on hand pressed paper and have been embellished with gold leaf. Also, the lips of the 'V' are bedazzled with Swarovski crystals [close-up here]. As an added bonus, it also comes with white gloves so you can touch it without having to worry about disgracing the integrity of it.
· Gilded Age Greetings [Official Site]