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Experts Dish on Stores They Had to Break Up With in 2012

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As 2012 disappears in the rear view mirror, and we're wrapping up our survey of friends in the fashion industry about the year's biggest news stories and most exciting developments, we turn to a tough subject. Breakups. Before the New Year, we looked at the best and worst trends, and best newcomers; now, let's ask our group (those who had the courage to answer) if there were any stores they had to breakup with this year. Readers, let us know what you think (and your breakup stories) in the comments.

Amalie Drury, editor of Pure Wow: I won't name names, but I break up with any store that switches to compact fluorescent light bulbs. (Mood lighting is essential.)
Lynn Okura Bey, editor of Sales Check at Chicago Magazine: Em Bo. a cute eco-friendly boutique in Lakeview, which closed.

Eric Himel, fashion stylist: Now that's a secret!
Monika Dixon, owner, Monika Dixon PR: I have had my fair share of bad experiences and bad service this year but I am trying to stay open minded and support local businesses. Everyone can have a bad day.
Bridget Halanski, director of runway at Factor Women: No, but I should probably break up with all of them because I have been spending too much on clothes, shoes and bags!
Emma Arnold, creator of Tres Awesome: Mark Shale (solitary tear)
April Francis, fashion stylist: Never! They're stuck with me and my mooning admiration.
Ryan Beshel, director of PR at The 900 Shops: Actually, no. I keep a small, but close, group of stores that have clothes that fit me properly – and I am happy to report that our love of each other has weathered 2012!
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