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Argo Tea's New Shop Inches Toward an April Opening

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If you remember August 8 2011, the news of the day was that Argo Tea was to open a shop in Connnors Park, the triangle park on Rush, south of the Viagra Triangle. And in an email from Alderman Reilly today, we learn the store is coming closer to fruition after positive negotiations with the Park District and the owners of Argo. The shop is making a 15-year commitment and will be responsible for landscaping (anything would be better than what they have there now) and other minor improvements. Alderman Reilly has added that the retail structure will not be larger than the existing hardscape and be as transparent as possible with plants covering what would normally be the ugly concrete parts of the store--essentially adding 1,600 square feet of vines and vegetation. Also noted was that the existing fountain will be inside of the Argo's retail area which officially makes this the coolest coffee/tea shop ever. Now that all this political mumbo jumbo has been agreed upon, the store will begin construction, on track for an April opening.
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