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PROGRESS: The Lakeview / Lincoln Park Walgreens Flagship Has Finally Flattened its Pointy Thing

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Smack dab in the middle of a complete overhaul, the soon-to-be fully functioning Walgreens concept (which involves an enhanced beauty section, on staff nutritionist and four manicurist stations) has flattened its pointy thing.

But don't get too excited--YET. The three level behemoth won't open for another seven months. Walgrizzle employees, currently holding down the fort across the intersection couldn't be more excited. Given that the pointy thing has now been removed, first, we'll show you a photo, and then we thought we'd revisit the emotional roller coaster in the comments section when people first found out that there would be no more iconic pointy thing, close to a year ago.

Click to enlarge:

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