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The Strategy for Dressing at Chicago's Hottest New Coffee Shop

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Yesterday was day one for Dollop in Streeterville. After a rag soaked with linseed oil "spontaneously combusted" (does this actually happen?) and caught the shop on fire, which in turn set the opening date two weeks behind, the place is open for business. And now that Streeterville has the coolest new coffee shop in the city, perhaps you should hit it up before Dose or while waiting for brunchtime at Yolk. What you'll see: very cute ladies and gents hunkered down on their laptops with Metropolis soy lattes and artwork by Homeless Cop adorning the walls. Also, some pretty spectacular spectacled baristas. But WHAT... are they wearing?

Meet Elizabeth, a modest Barista. She's wearing her boyfriend's sweater, a pair of Levis, nondescript hiking boots, and a pair of earrings she bought at the "Earring Store" on Clark and Wilson. Her strategy for dressing as a barista: "Just comfortable shoes that you should spill things on. I wear layers--it can be hot or cold in here and it's good to strip them when it's like this. Brown is a good color to wear too." Elizabeth's favorite drink is a cortado with honey ($2.70).

And Max, known for his intellect and Brit banter at Dollop in Buena Park is now the Barista-and-Face of Dollop Streeterville. He is also wearing Levis, a pair of custom made military boots which are a reproduction WWII style boot, a Chain of Stength shirt and Oliver Peoples glasses. His tattoos, one of which is a Roy Lichtenstein painting are done by two different guys, both named Phil in West Yorkshire, England. His Strategy for dressing as a barista: "Smart-casual. It's really about trying to get the balance right." Max's favorite drink is an Americano ($2.34)
· Dollop Streeterville [Official Site]

Oliver Peoples

941 Rush Street, Chicago, IL

Levi's® Store

600 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611 Visit Website

Dollop, Streeterville

345 E Ohio, Chicago IL